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Our Story



Prosper Union Enterprises Ltd. is held directly by AsiaPacific Food Trading Limited. Asia Pacific Group is established in 2015 target for frozen meat trading and distribution. In order to maintain the leading position in the market, our Group will continue to merchandise different frozen meat products around the world. Because of the effort contribute by the procurement team. Our Group can guarantee to develop and deliver a full range of frozen food product with a superior quality.



集團設有完善的物流系統從產品採購 → 國際貨運 → 進口報驗 → 加工配送等全方位的配合,務求貨品以最快最直接的送往客戶。我們更成功取得國際品牌的香港獨家代理權,希望透過批發及零售向大眾提供健康優質而經濟的食品。

Prosper Union Enterprises Ltd. aim of market trend and needs, we are the first hand direct import the frozen non antibiotic & hormone grazing freely beef, lamb and pork from Europe, USA, UK, Australia and South America high quality branded supported by our strong back up.

Our sales network is including Wholesales, Food Service Chain, Food & Beverage, Supermarkets and E-platform. Our group has promoted the consummate logistic system from Procurement→ International transportation→ Import inspection→ Processing etc all round co-operation to deliver the goods under the quality condition. Prosper Union has the right be the HK Sole Agent from some famous brand. We wish to provide healthy and economic food to the public.


Our Mission


We operate an ethical and sustainable business in partnership with our producers, suppliers and customers, achieving industry best practice in environmental sustainability, animal welfare, production, meat processing, value-adding, employee safety and wellbeing, and customer satisfaction.





Be recognized by our suppliers, customers, peers and employees as a good distributor in meat production and processing and value-adding products by providing sustainably grown, high-quality food products.

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